Enclosures Concerns

Being Responsible & Accountable
Picture of a broken fence with mountains

Landowners are responsible for containing their livestock within their property. They use fences, gates and other kinds of enclosures to ensure this. Forest companies may use gates to control access to private timberlands for safety or to protect sensitive areas.

Broken fences or gates cause all kinds of problems:

  • It can put the livestock in danger
  • It can be dangerous or inconvenient for the public
  • The landowner has to get the livestock back in the enclosure-The landowner has to stop what they are doing and repair the fence or gate
  • It costs money and time
Typically extra high fences are used to prevent wildlife from jumping over them, preventing potential:
  • Damage to fences, which also causes mingling of herds
  • Wildlife forage depredation
  • Stress to domestic animals

These fences and gates are very expensive. Use caution on private land and make note of others in the vicinity.