Vehicle Access Concerns

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Vehicle Access Concerns
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Landowners want to control access for every vehicle that comes onto their property. It is their decision to allow or deny access to vehicles. Nothing upsets landowners more than seeing unauthorized vehicles on their property, regardless of whether it is a motor vehicle or ATV, or if it is on or off trail & roads. Note that there can be additional penalties under the Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act for unauthorized use on private land.

Unauthorized vehicles create a number of problems:

  • Spread invasive plants
  • Create liability issues for the landowner
  • Crush crops
  • Damage terrain, irrigation lines, or ditches
  • Attract others to also enter the property with unauthorized vehicles

Whether or not vehicles are allowed and what type of vehicle is allowed depends entirely on the landowner. Some may allow ATVs but not trucks; some may allow vehicles for retrieval; some may not allow vehicles at all and will use their own tractor for retrieval.