Action Fund


The Action Fund is created to manage funds received by the BCWF from affiliated clubs, members, or outside sources directed to the defense of the rights and privileges of the BCWF membership, through legal or other means.

All revenues received and directed to the Action Fund will be immediately deposited in its own separately identified account.

Interest earned from investing the Action Fund monies shall be re-deposited in the Fund.



To ensure the sound, long-term management of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife, parks and outdoor recreational resources in the best interests of all British Columbians

To protect the wise use of our fish and wildlife and their habitat while ensuring access to a sustainable harvest of Fish and Wildlife for present and future generations through use of legal process, the court system, or other effective lawful means.

To arouse in the public conscience, a recognition of, and a respect for, the place of sustainable harvest of fish and wildlife.

To ensure outdoor recreation is seen as the wise, integrated, sustainable use of natural resources.


1. Click HERE to donate online (be sure to choose BCWF Action Fund in the Designation drop down menu)


2. Call our office at 1-888-881-2293 to make a donation over the phone.

Your tax-deductible gift will go directly toward the BCWF Action Fund to help protect public access to public lands and resources.