2018 N.A.S.P. BC Provincial Tournament


Written by: James Murray

The National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) 2018 Provincial Archery Competition was held April 7 in Kelowna, BC. The BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF), which serves as the regional headquarters for NASP in British Columbia sponsored the event. Young archers from all over the province came to test their skills and attempt to qualify for the NASP National Championships which took place April 27-29 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

BCWF youth programs and NASP coordinator Chris Lim says that "all in all the tournament was a huge success with 64 competitors signed up, some from as far away as Kispiox, and over 150 people in attendance. Not bad for a first time event. Half of the archers also participated in a 3D shoot held in conjunction with the qualifying rounds of the tournament. As well, a number of parents and guardians, volunteers and instructors took part in a friendly "shoot off"  held after the official part of the competition had taken place. Trophies, medals and prizes were then handed out at an awards ceremony.

Originally developed in 2002 in the United States, NASP began as an archery program for schools in Kentucky. It is now in five countries and three continents and is offered to schools, camps, community groups and other organizations. NASP provides international style target archery training to youths from grade 4 through to grade 12. The program covers technique and the proper use of equipment with a strong emphasis on participant safety. 


Prior to taking part in a NASP competition, students/participants have been given thorough instruction and training in a strictly controlled shooting environment. 

Manyschool students take archery classes as part of their physical education curriculum. Others take part in after school archery clubs.

The set up and design of the NASP archery ranges, as well as the
equipment and targets used has been standardized throughout all participating schools and organizations. All participants use he same model of Genesis bow, the same brand and model of arrows and shoot at the same standardized target. This follows through to the competition level making for
a level playing field (target range) for all participants. 

NASP states that the program uses "time-proven, state-of-the-art training techniques and educational methods to provide a foundation to support a lifetime of archery enjoyment."

Simply put, participants learn how to shoot safely in a controlled setting from certified instructors and learn self disciplinary ski

lls that will see them through life.   

Before presenting an archery course to students, all teachers/instructors
must undergo a NASP Basic Archery Instructor training program. During this training, teachers/instructors learn how to set up and operate a safe archery range in their gymnasium. They are taught whistle signals which are used to direct students to do various maneuvers. They are also taught archery techniques,  safety, and the “Eleven Steps to Archery Success”. Finally, sessions are conducted to explain inspection, maintenance and operation of the bows and arrows.

Throughout each class and at every step through the process, safety of all participants is of utmost concern at all times. Whether in the class setting or at competition levels, strict NASP safety protocols are in place. Even event volunteers are giving safety instruction so that everyone will be able to understand and implement these safety protocols.     

Anyone who attended the 2018 NASP Provincial Archery Competition held in Kelowna would certainly agree that it was a pretty impressive event and as one of the 14 volunteers and BCWF members who helped facilitate the tournament, what I can say for sure is that a lot of young archers had a lot of fun competing and meeting new people with alike interests. Some of them even got to compete at the Canadian National NASP Championships … who knows, some day one of them might even get to step up on the Olympic podium.






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Updated: May 8, 2018