Outdoor Passport Access Pass

Gaining Access
Outdoor Passport Access Pass
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This Outdoor Passport Access Pass form is used by Outdoor Passport holders and landowners to manage access to private land.

The Access Pass Form is divided in two sections:

  1. Introduction: introduces the hunter to the landowner. The landowner keeps this part of the form. The Conditions for Allowing Access are stated in this part of the form.
  2. Proof of permission: this is a tear-off section that the hunter retains as proof of permission.

The Outdoor Passport Access Pass contains the conditions for allowing access. These conditions are set by the landowner. The form helps you to identify what questions to ask and helps you get clear answers from the landowner.

Request a copy of the Outdoor Passport Access Pass form in the Additional comments section of the Apply for Outdoor Passport form after you have successfully passed the exam.