Company Owned Forest Lands

Gaining Access
Company Owned Forest Lands
Logging Forest Lands

Company Owned private forest lands require access permission. These lands generate millions of dollars for the communities they are in and the risk of fire is a major issue.

Different levels of liability exist on private forest lands than on Crown lands. The companies have the right to know who is on their private land and a right to manage the use of their land. Even though a road is open, this does not necessarily mean it is open to the general public.

Observe the following rules and suggestions:

  • Check the company’s website for access information; use for example Timberwest
  • Always ask for permission onto private lands and roads
  • Follow and obey signage, like speed limits or cautions
  • Join Wilderness Watch Programs that assist the company
  • Give way to logging trucks or company vehicles at all times
  • Do not proceed if a private gate is closed unless you have permission. This is for safety reasons and should always be obeyed