How to Gain Access

Gaining Access
How to Gain Access
Picture of harvest
Close-up of hunter and farmer hand shake
  1. Complete the Outdoor Passport orientation and pass the questionnaire.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions of the BCWF Outdoor Passport Program.
  3. Pay the BCWF Passport Fee and request your BCWF Outdoor Passport card.
  4. Print out the Access Permission Letter.
  5. Approach a landowner to ask for permission. Keep in mind that some leased lands also require permission to access. Some landowners may not be interested in allowing permission; we have to accept that, shake hands and move on.
  6. Remember that during the fall producers are extremely busy harvesting. They might not have the time to allow access to their land. If they are busy with farm work and you have the time, offer to pitch in. A day’s works could earn you a lifetime of good hunting or fishing opportunity!