High Velocity Media

As part of our continuous drive to offer ongoing value to our members, BCWF has partnered with High Velocity Media/Outdoor Specialty Publications Group to provide members with a tailored opportunity for digital access to Western Woods and Waters Magazine and Canadian Outdoorsman Magazine as well as North American Deer Hunter Magazine.

As a member, you will have instant access to these magazines on any device with an internet connection – anywhere, any time.

About the Publications:

The purpose of Western Woods & Waters Magazine is to provide Western Canada's fishing, shooting and hunting community with a high-quality source for information, entertainment and news about the outdoors. Western Woods & Waters draws on some of Western Canada's best known, most knowledgeable and talented, award-winning writers as well as the most evocative photographers, whose camera lenses capture the essence of outdoor pursuits in the land of the big skies. 

North American Deer Hunter Magazine is devoted to deer hunting across North America and honoring the greatest, most widespread, most challenging of our big game animals. Through the demanding selection of articles and photo images, we strive to provide North America's hunters the most thought provoking and most fulfilling content. Our advanced digital technologies make reading North American Deer Hunter the next best thing to actually being out there. The goal is for North American Deer Hunter to become the voice for North America's deer hunting community; to entertain them and keep them informed. 

Canadian Outdoorsman Magazine is dedicated to all hunting and all fishing in our great country of Canada. As publishers, we will do our best to ensure that we cover hunting and fishing from the West Coast all the way through to the Atlantic provinces. So whether you live in BC, or Ontario or even Newfoundland and Labrador, there will be something for everyone to enjoy year-round.