2014 Artist of the Year - Guy Hobbs

BCWF is excited to announce that Guy Hobbs has been voted BCWF’s 2014 Artist of the Year for his stunning work “All That He Surveys”. Guy’s painting is an ode to the intensity and beauty of the bald eagle, which is among B.C.’s most majestic creatures. A jury selected three finalists from over 30 submissions, which were voted on by delegates at the 57th BCWF AGM & Convention in Richmond, B.C. last April.

Guy Hobbes – 2014 Artist of the Year

It only takes one look at Guy Hobbs' art to feel the strong connection between him and his subject matter. A self-taught artist, he has had a lifelong fascination with nature. That connection with his subject matter becomes crystal clear when looking at his many artworks. "My goal is to create the experience of encountering an animal in the wild - that brief moment when you consider it and it considers you - that's a very real connection to the world."

His subjects are often looking directly at the viewer or at something 'out of canvas', they are not confined to the image and their very essence seems to transcend the worldly confines of paper, graphite and coloured pencils. "My aim is to try to steer clear of iconic interpretations. I try to capture life. It is the most important thing for me. Life is so diverse and so perfect and when I start looking at it as an artist, it blows my mind. The placement of every feather or hair is unique and perfectly adapted - it is the ultimate in design."  Guy’s internationally collected works reflect that passion, which can be seen in his art.

Born in England, he has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and North America and has now settled in Canada with his wife and two hounds. "Canada is the perfect environment for me" he explains,"to live somewhere where large wildlife still roams free and is not restricted to parks or nature reserves is fantastic." As he works exclusively from his own photographs, this direct access to nature is a huge asset.

When he is not working on a new piece, Guy spends much of his time exploring the back country of the Kootenays in search of his next subject.

BCWF Artist of the Year Program

BCWF’s Artist of the Year Program was established in 1992 with the goal of selecting an artist whose work exhibits the beauty of B.C.’s fish, wildlife and habitats. The sale of these limited edition art prints continues to support BCWF conservation projects throughout the province while also recognizing the talent of B.C. artists.